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Letters of Recommendation


Instructions for Students

I welcome the opportunity to provide letters of recommendation and encourages an initial discussion to confirm availability to write the letter. Students need to contact me with a minimum 30 days notice and should include all of the following information:

  • Statement of purpose and any other relevant statements

  • Curriculum vitae or resumé

  • A brief summary of the student's application narrative and the perspective and details I should include in my recommendation. Said differently, what should I highlight in the letter?

  • An excel document with the following details:

    • Name of institutions and departments for the letter

    • Address of the departments

    • Deadlines for submission

    • How the request needs to be submitted

    • Whether there are supplemental forms for each institution to complete (please provide these to me as well)

Once these materials are compiled, please send them to me using my Westminster University email.​

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