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Consulting & Training


As a counseling psychologist, therapist, and researcher, I have developed expertise in a variety of areas that apply well to consultation, training, and speaking opportunities.


My background as an educator and experience in a variety of forms of facilitation make me an effective and engaging trainer. As a psychologist I have scientifically-informed understanding of human behavior and mental health. Shown below, I have a variety of content expertise areas.

Contact me to discuss consultation and speaking opportunities, as I tailor each experience to the needs and goals of the client.

Areas of Expertise

​Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity

I have a wide variety of expertise related to clinical practice and broader applications, with a particular emphasis in bisexuality.

​Diversity & Inclusion

I am credentialed both through my academic training as well as my tenure as the Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Westminster College.

​Program Evaluation & Research Design

I have specialized training in program assessment and am able to apply rigorous methodologies to ascertain information.

​Sexualization of Women

My research background in sexual objectification affords me the background to understand systemic causes and also mental health outcomes.


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