Diversity & Inclusion


My degree in counseling psychology trained me in multiple domains related to diversity and inclusion in both theoretical and applied ways.


As a former faculty fellow for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Westminster College, I gained experience in assessing diversity-related organizational needs and developing corresponding strategies and interventions. I have experience in strategic planning and program development and my foundation in psychological science optimizes my work in this area.


I have applied this knowledge in both clinical and organizational contexts. Below are examples of areas of work I have addressed.

Diversity & Inclusion Topics

​Anti-Black Racism & Racial Justice Movement
​Power, Privilege, & White Supremacy Culture
​Intersectionality & Systems of Oppressions
Bisexuality & / Sexual Orientation
​LGBTQ+ Affirming Practices
​Toxic / Masculinity
​Gender Harassment & Sexualization of Women
​Inclusive Pedagogy & Teaching


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