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Chris Davids, PhD, LP

As a licensed counseling psychologist in private practice and associate professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, I incorporate evidence-based practices and values. Central to my philosophy is a belief that--like birds on a mobile--our lives are interconnected and dynamic, affected by our surrounding environments. This belief is infused within all levels of my professional work.




Space to be oneself is a catalyst toward wellness and growth and amplifies the importance of cultural considerations and social identities such as race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, age, and forms of systemic marginalization.


Strong relationships are capable of healing and support learning. Building a strong alliance is more important than any specific technique in which a therapist might specialize.


Client directed goals are used to foster change and find their own sustainable solutions.


Psychological science offers a framework to seek knowledge, truth, and justice. This takes the form of evidence-based practices in psychotherapy and also teaching.



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